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The Chikankarists is an affordable daily wear brand launched by Lucknow Sewa Delhi. We at Lucknow Sewa, are the promoters of Hand Embroidered Chikan Work. Through our new brand we bring to you the best quality fabrics with intricate designs at pocket friendly prices.

Situated in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place, we have delighted our customers over the years with our exclusive range. We have also had the privilege of having the leading ladies of Bollywood as our esteemed customers.

Chikankari is the form of embroidery dated back to the Mughal times.

With Lucknow as its hub, the popularity of this form of embroidery has rapidly grown in India as well as internationally. It is completely done by hand by the very creative women artisans who need our support in promoting this beautiful work. Our Work helps in the empowerment of these women artisans, who’s life depends completely on this art.

Traditionally, chikankari is done on thin fabrics and is considered a summer product but with our product line, you can find a range of fabrics which can be worn all-round the year. Our website is a one stop shop for any occasion, season or fabric you are looking for.

Welcome to the world of sheer craftsmanship!

Our Philosophy

Our brand, The Chikankarists is a fully home grown brand. Our entire manufacturing process, whether it’s procuring the material or the hand embroidery, all is done locally. Our hand embroidery is done by the local women artisans. The more work we give them, the more it helps in their empowerment and helps them to live a quality life.
Make in India is the motto of our brand and we pledge to give maximum support to our artisans and other vendors and in turn provide the best quality intricate designs to our clients.

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